Digitale Kinderboeken

For the app ‘Digitale kinderboeken’ (Digital Childrens Books), available in the iTunes appstore, I developed interactive widgets like games, animations, and interactions. Widgets are used in a kiosk built by Woodwing but later the kiosk migrated to Adobe Content Viewer en besides iOS we started developing for Android publications. Because of the early development stadium of Adobe Folio we ran into many challenges.

Hoe Overleef Ik...

For this popular childrens book and magazine series I maintained the website, developed new elements, and built the front-end for the mobile app that is based on the Phonegap platform. This thought me a lot about publishing to iOS and Android appstores and I also maintained the development builds.

Singel 262 Rights

The selling of dutch books abroad had always been done by salespeople with a book-filled suitcase. I built the front-end of this website on the GX Webmanager platform. Since all the data for these books came in dutch we had to rethink the data entry part, a new Java based template was the answer. The site is fluid to ensure a usable front-end on the iPad, the devices used by salespeople.

PARK Magazine

When this magazine started out I built the front-end by a design that was done by the art director, I advised them to hand out some free content like articles and videos in order to attract potential customers.

Mooie Tijdschriften

Weekbladpers is a large editorial office and they assigned me to build a website that bundled all their magazines and offer discounts. I also had to train and facilitate a marketeer to maintain the website. I built a dynamic structure to add offers by adding terms to articles.

Dirk Scheringa

After the fall of the DSB Bank I was asked to build a website for the former owner of the bank. The website had to be able to sell the self-published book, this presented me (as a freelancer just starting out) with big challenges. I used Drupal and configured Ubercart as a webshop with iDeal, a popular dutch payment system. I built a module to export orders to a CSV file that was sent to a courier daily. I also set up Adwords campaigns and communicated press releases.

DSB Bank

As a front-end developer for DSB Bank I built many websites, they were all hard-coded until the purchase of a CMS. From that point on I received training and developed three websites in Java, but unfortunately they never saw the light of day because of the media bonfire and demise of the bank. Before that the websites of the bank scored extraordinarily well, better then much larger banks. As part of a four front-end developer team I specialised in Actionscript and other object oriented languages like javascript, I used this to develop Flash sites and banners, created slider controls for mortgage and loan calculations and overall learned a lot about creating and improving performance of websites.

DLN Roozemond

OS Front-end Programming Software

DLNR is a front-end webdeveloper that knows all about the user interface of websites, how to build them, how to configure the server, the domain and how to analyse to improve perdormance.

The last decade I've been doing corporate websites for small and big businesses, and occasionally a more colourful intiative like games for childrensbooks. I have a nack for delivering clean, fast-performing and user friendly user interfaces. The psychology of getting a visitor on your site to where they want or need to be fascinates and challenges me. User interface and experience need to be in perfect harmony, together with a solid back-end to deliver the data.